Golden Rule Ministries (WWW.GOLDENRULEMINISTRIES.ORG) Is committed to establishing the Golden Rule of the New Millennium as a world-wide standard of ethics in helping others to achieve health, happiness, understanding, compassion, love, caring, concern, loyalty, generosity, stewardship and spirituality.

All faiths, and even the hopeless, who have no faith, must band together for the common good of all of Planet Eden's inhabitants. Working together, we can achieve the kind of lives that God would wish us to be blessed, if only we would live under God's desire for universal compassion.

In the perfect lives God would have us lead, there would be no more alcoholism, drug addiction, no more prisons, no more violence, no more child abuse. Corporations would no longer allow the worship of money to cause unethical behavior. All of God's children would allow goodness and mercy to rule their lives rather than the pursuit of material wealth. A heart of gold is far more pleasing in the eyes of God than a billion dollar stack of gold bars gained at the expense of others and from the destruction of Creation.

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